How can you get the most out of your iPad Camp El Paso experience?

iPad Camp El Paso is a very informal type of conference, so informal in fact, that you might feel that there is little or no structure to it.
Most educators are used to conferences that are very structured, very linear, very well, conference-like.
EDCAMP takes a completely different approach:

The structure of the iPad Camp El Paso comes from the participants, so the success or the failure of EDCAMP comes from how well the participants well...participate!

So, with that in mind, here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind when you come to iPad Camp El Paso

  1. Come with questions: What do I want to learn? What do I need to know for my class? What can I take back? The questions you have lead to learning and to success.
  2. Come with technology. Bring your laptop, your iPad, your smartphone. You need something digital to interact with, because some of the things you will be doing at iPad Camp El Paso probably will require you to get connected!
  3. Come with ideas about what you can share. What can YOU tell others about? Successes? Failures? Issues? You may think that you have nothing to share, but you do!
  4. Go to lunch with people you don't know! Use breaks and lunch to network with new friends!
  5. Come with the idea that you will meet new friends. There is a lot of networking built into the iPad Camp El Paso
    . Go to lunch with people you just met. Share emails, your Twitter name, your Facebook page!

iPad Camp El Paso is like a dance in middle school: If you just sit there against the wall, you won't have any fun. If you get up and dance, no matter how badly you dance, you will have a good time! Same with iPad Camp El Paso: Dance.

external image comparison-contrast-unconference-edcamp.jpg
external image comparison-contrast-unconference-edcamp.jpg